After a couple of years of trading stocks and commodities privately, I have started personal trading in FX markets in December 2018. This decision was based on 2 factors: (a) restrictions, e.g. minimum holding period, for other asset classes that exist due to my job in trading; (b) the inherent attraction of FX investing being a market-neutral form of investment, or at least more robust to economic cycles, which is complementing my stock investments very well. I am exclusively trading FX on eToro, my profile can be found here.

Historical Performance

*Last updated on 30th Mar 2019

Total Performance Since Inception (Dec 2018): +50.56%


Figure 1: Historical Performance Since Inception

Figure 2: Monthly Performances (in %)

Figure 3: Kernel density plot of daily returns in % (Average daily return = +0.55%, indicated by vertical red line)

Contribution Analysis

The following FX pairs have contributed to PnL. So far, I focused heavily on trading Scandinavian currencies against Euro or US dollar, which contributes just over half of total profit.

Figure 4: Contributors to PnL

Other Statistics

Total Trades Executed: 223

Closed Trades: 222

Open Positions: 1

Hit Rate (Profitable Trades) including Open Positions: 81.17%

Average Number of Trades per Week: 15.86

Average Holding Time: 1 day